The Struggle for Self-Determination

Ecuador's President Receives the Huaorani

(Quito, Ecuador, Nov13)
By D. Rothschild & G. Delgado-P., The South & Mesoamerican Indian Information Center, Oakland, CA)

The Huarani did finally meet with the President Sixto Duran Ballen and with the minister of Energy and Mines.

The president of Petroecuador reiterated that his decision to construct the freeway that crosses the Huarani territory is irreversable, without even giving the time to discuss other alternatives. (October 31, 1992)

One the 31st of October President Sixto Duran Ballen met with the representatives of the indigenous groups and a future round of meetings was set up. The first of the meetings is set for the 12th of November in Coca (an oil boom town in the Amazon).

During the meetings the Huaorani will be able to meet with Representatives of IERAC, and the ministers of Defense, Agriculture, and Energy and Mines. CONAIE is also hoping for a response to the proposal regarding this issue submitted to the government on September 22, 1992.

The main theme of these dialogues is to arrive at concrete resolutions for the new dialogue between Sixto Duran Ballen and the director of CONAIE, Luis Macas planned for the 25th of November.

Luis Macas stated that, "It truly is a calvary and crucifixion" to get to the President of the Republic, just because we are Indigenous peoples." Rafael Villaman, the director fo IERAC (Ecuadorian Institution Agricultural and Peasant Resources) stated that, "The Huaorani should understand their adjudication (agreement), their rights," referring to their land titles which specifically include only the surface and nothing underground. Villaman also stated that, "The Huaorani are claiming their adjudication, but they have to read it."

The Ecuatorian Constitution guarantees to each person the right to live in an environment free of contamination. The international solidarity with the Huaorani people must demand the right the Huaorani have to manege their own territory.

(Posted to Native-l on 13 Nov 1992 (Guillermo Delgado))