A'I (Cofan)

Son 600 agrupados en las comunidades Sinangué, Doriño, Dureno y en los alrededores del río Bermejo (Amazonia Ecuatoriana). Parte de su territorio coincide con la Reserva Cayambe-Coca. Su idioma es el A'lngae.

The Cofan number 600 and are assembled in the communities of Sinangué, Doriño, and Dureno and along the Bermejo river in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Part of their territory is included in the Cayambe-Coca Reservation. Their language is A'lngae.

Sono 600 riuniti nelle comunità di Sinangué, Doriño, Dureno e nei dintomi del fiume Bemmejo (Amazzonia Equatoriana). Parte del loro territorio coincide con la Riserva Cayambe-Coca. Il loro idioma è il A'lngae.

The traditional dress of the Cofan (sometimes referred to as A'I, from the name of their language A'Ingae) is an important part of their identity, and includes the characteristic perforations in their noses and ears for the wearing of feathers, flowers, and other materials. Until the 1950s when the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) missionaries began efforts to evangelize them, the Cofan had remained relatively isolated from Western society. Since that time, outside forces have devastated their culture along with the Sionas and Secoyas. The region which they occupy has been an area of intensive petroleum exploitation, especially in the 1970s with the Texaco-Gulf consortium. Roads, pipelines, and penetrating colonists all have had a ravaging effect on their territory. Colonization of Cofan territory led to an increasing disruption of their traditional society which led to a further breakdown of their worldview.

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Mensaje de los pueblos indígenas del valle del Guamuez y San Miguel Putumayo a la humanidad (agosto 19 de 2002)

Problema Plan Colombia, propuesta de la Organización Indígena Nacionalidad Cofán del Ecuador, OINCE (2 marzo 2001)

Denunciation of the Assassination of Indigenous Cofan Leader of Putumayo and of the Fumigation of Traditional Crops in Indigenous Territories and of the Acts of Violence that Worsen the Grave Situation of Human Rights in el Putumayo, Colombia (Sat, 20 Jan 2001)

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